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Why we’ve set up Dual Diagnosis Network

What we’d like to do with our social enterprise

What we’d like to do with our social enterprise

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My name is Jon Caldbeck, and I’m glad you’ve found my social enterprise’s website.

Next Level Web Design CIC will use profits from its web design & website development services to develop a dual diagnosis recovery resources organisation & website.

Its purpose is to aid the recovery process for those who are suffering from both addiction & mental health issues. I’m hopeful that this will help to empower more people to start on the journey of living more fulfilling, healthy, and productive lives, free from alcohol & drugs.

Why is this important?

We regularly meet people who have become dependent on alcohol or drugs purely to help them to cope with their mental health condition(s) & past trauma(s).

At Next Level Web Design CIC, we see the problems faced by this courageous and determined section of society and want to help do something about the problems they often face.

Next Level Web Design CIC will develop an organisation and website called the Dual Diagnosis Network.

The Dual Diagnosis Network is being set up to provide resources, information, and recovery tools aimed at those who:

  1. Have a dual diagnosis (co-occurring mental health &/or addiction issues),
  2. Their carers, family members, & friends
  3. And Professionals who work with people with complex mental health & addiction issues.

We aim to provide and/or signpost as many useful mental health, addiction, or dual diagnosis-specific tools & resources as possible to help improve the outcomes of those with co-occurring disorders.

Website Address:


The project will be funded by Next Level Web Design CIC developing websites for tradesmen, other social enterprises, SMEs (Small Medium Enterprises), and charities.

I aim to always develop great websites at flexible, affordable rates so that a website and its features & functionality can grow naturally with the organisation’s goals and objectives.

Let’s take your SME or organisation’s website to the Next Level and help more people with a dual diagnosis to develop healthy drug & alcohol-free lives!

Jon Caldbeck

Executive Director, Next Level Web Design CIC

Founder, Dual Diagnosis Network

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Next Level Web Design CIC


Executive Director, Designer/Developer

Jon is the lead designer and developer and does most of the website and design work that Next Level Web Design works on. Jon has over 16 years of experience in web design & development.

He also creates content for social media including shareable images, adverts, and video content.

Next Level Web Design CIC


Executive Director, Account Management & Social Media Manager

I’m delighted to be a Director of Next Level Web Design CIC and help with its promotion through social media.  I am so inspired that its Social Profit helps to signpost people to find Dual Diagnoses and Mental Health Services to help maintain their wellbeing and activities.  Jon’s web design skills are an inspiration and his enthusiasm to give back in the same way that he received when he needed it, is very much why I am delighted to be supporting him.

Next Level Web Design CIC


Data Analyst, Social Impact Specialist, & Strategist

My main focus is to use social outcomes to capture and promote the amazing social profit contributed to society by Social Enterprises, through my own social enterprise Owl XL CIC.  We work in partnership with Jon to support social enterprises, or any business, to reflect their DNA and social impact through their website.  This includes support with business planning and data capture.

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