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About Our Web Design for Tradesmen Services

Let us help take your business or organisation's website to the next level!


Tradesmen website design & development

Use our services with websites for tradesmen like Checkatrade, Trusted Traders, or Rated People

Our web design for tradespeople services is all about showcasing our client’s services and work.

A clean and professional website will help your trades business to work for you.

Visitors to your site will be able to see the services you offer quickly and easily.

Getting a website will boost how your business looks on tradesmen sites like Checkatrade.

With a clean and goal-driven design, we’ll ensure that your website stands out from the crowd.

We optimise the elements and functionality for speed & higher search engine rankings. We will help ensure that your website is visible for the best search terms locally. It will also provide a great user experience for visitors to your website. 

We’ll help you rank higher in search engines locally to help you gain new leads.

We provide a no-nonsense online presence for Checkatrade tradespeople. If you need to get your site built and working for your business, we can do this quickly.

We’ll create a bespoke design for your business and include photos & testimonials from projects that you’ve completed.

We’ll make sure that you have more time so you can do what you do best – providing excellent services to your customers and earning money!

Our websites are all designed and maintained in the UK.

Website design for tradespeople is one of our specialities, so get in touch with us today.

What makes us different from our competitors?

We understand the barriers that tradespeople find when trying to get a website that works well for them. We’ll also make sure that your new website is affordable.

We always aim to provide simple solutions to real-world problems and our website design for tradesmen includes everything a tradesperson could need to help market their handyman or trades business.

Websites like Checkatrade are great for generating business, but why close yourself off to organic traffic outside of Checkatrade?

If your new site ranks locally in Google, then you’ll be getting business through Checkatrade & you’ll be getting work from your website.

Suppose you’re providing a service that your customers like from Checkatrade. In that case, you should also get a great site to run alongside it.

We deliver good value, and our to our clients often give us a 5-star rating in Google Reviews.

We are not just a web design & development team but an SEO too. We aim to work in partnership with you in a way that works for your website project. We’ll develop great content, including text, images, video(s), to help your site rank higher and convert more.

We keep our prices down by not paying out for expensive, flashy design studios to provide a professional service at very reasonable rates.

We have built websites for many years and have experience in getting sites to rank higher in search engines.

We will also:

  • integrate website statistics tools
  • Add other technologies & features that will help your website (such as before & after photos and an automated quote generator that interests you).
  • Test your site thoroughly to make sure that our SEO and conversion tactics are working.

We can provide professional service quickly and efficiently. If needed, we can offer a monthly payment plan to cover the web hosting costs and any premium functionality that you’d like incorporated into your new website.

We work extremely quickly once we’ve completed the analysis of your requirements and have planned all of the site’s content, features, & functionality. We also offer set website development packages or custom packages – tailored to suit your website & business objectives.

We work through a 7-stage development process, and if you want to read more about that, please click here.

WordPress Website Development Packages to Suit Any Tradesmen’s purposes

We have packages to suit all purposes. Once the analysis and planning stages are complete & we have all of the content, we will build your website. We usually aim to deploy your new website within a couple of weeks once we’ve thoroughly tested it to make sure that it works & functions correctly.

Once we’ve developed your WordPress website and made sure that your site is mobile-friendly, you then have three options:

Leave your site alone:

This isn’t the best option as the longer a website without having its theme and plugins updated, the less secure it becomes. It’s an option for you, though.

Update Your Website Yourself:

We include basic training on how to use WordPress and the site’s page builder with all of our WordPress website development packages. If you choose to, you can update your site’s text and images as and when you want to.

Get us to update your website:

Alternatively, we can update your website as and when you need us to. I can also offer set packages for updating and upgrading your website at regular intervals of your choosing (usually daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly or bi-annually etc.)

Google Analytics for Tradesmen Websites

We are certified in Google Analytics, and I will install analytics and any Google Remarketing, LinkedIn Ads, &/or Facebook Pixel features that you’d like integrated with your site. This gives you the option of advertising to people who have already visited your website.

Search Engine Optimisation:

All of your site’s content will be optimised to get indexed by search engines. The search terms related to your target markets will be integrated into your site’s structure and content.

We will optimise all of the on-page SEO elements and our optional advanced SEO services make sure that search engines rank your site to reach your target audience.

Having Difficulties with Your New Website?

I work differently from most website design and development teams. I tend to work afternoons and evenings to provide help and technical support to our clients when you’re not busy. So anytime between 12 pm-10 pm, I’m available by email, WhatsApp or telephone to help you with any issues that you may be having.

Our website packages include some examples of your customer reviews incorporated into the design.

Affordable website design for tradesmen packages for all. It is just one of the things we’re good at, so give us a call or send us a message, and we’ll get back to you.

We use our surplus profits to benefit vulnerable people

Next Level Web Design is a CIC that uses its surplus profits for helping people with mental health problems who slip into some form of addiction by developing & signposting information, tools, resources and support groups.

Great customer care - we want to develop an effective and helpful relationship with your organisation

We always aim to develop the best relationships that we can with our clients as we find that has been the firm foundation we all of our previous clients - there are no stupid questions! 

We aim to make technical factors as easy to understand as possible

Some website technologies are quite complicated, but we know how to explain website-related tasks that need to be completed as easy to understand as possible!

We aim to build relationships with our clients that work for you!

Our clients have all given us a 5-star rating so get in touch and find out why they were so happy with our service!

Goal-driven web design that suits your needs

We'll analyse your target market and audience to make sure that your project, your business, goals, & long-term objectives, are all covered. Then we can start building a plan for your site’s structure, content, and layout to specifically fulfil your objectives for your website.

WordPress training will be integrated into your website

We won't take offence if you'd prefer to update and make changes to your site yourself. In fact, we'll integrate some video training on how to use WordPress into the admin area of your website so that you can learn everything you need to know!

Our website maintenance plans include offsetting your carbon footprint

We know how important the environment can be for your customers, so we offset the carbon footprint for your business website to minimise its effects caused by your site's electricity usage.

Get peace of mind with our website maintenance plans

Choose one of our website maintenance plans and you don't just get hosting! We'll also back your site up daily, integrate advanced security features, update plugins and themes regularly, and make sure that your site is always online and loading quickly.

WordPress Website Development

Affordable website development for SMEs and CICs using WordPress or Wagtail.

Website Maintenance Services

Eco-friendly website maintenance services that keep your site secure & fast.

Local Search Engine Optimisation

Local search engine optimisation services to help your business to rank locally in search engines.

Tradesmen Website Quote Request

A form you can use to request a quote for a website for your trades business:

Website Request for Tradesmen

Please use this form to request a quote for your trades business.
Drop files here or
Max. file size: 100 MB, Max. files: 5.

    Website Design Process

    An overview of the process we use to develop advanced websites for our clients.

    Analysis/ Research

    The first thing we do after your initial enquiry is to ask you to complete a questionnaire about your business which we will then use to research your target audience(s) & markets. We will meet on Zoom to discuss our findings with you



    Using your business' requirements, goals, & budget as a starting point, we will then go on to plan everything that you need for your organisation's website including content and site structure.


    After we know everything that you need in design and content, we will design your website using goal-driven responsive web design techniques to make sure that everything looks as you would like.


    Once you're happy with the design of your new website, we'll start developing it and incorporate all of the content and functionality that you need.



    Once your site has been built, we'll thoroughly test it to make sure that it works correctly and that there are no issues & bugs. We'll also optimise and tweak your site to load as fast as possible.


    When you're completely happy with your new site, we'll deploy your website to its final location and make it live.


    We'll monitor your site's progress in search engine rankings, tweak anything that we notice needs to be changed or UX that isn't working and gradually grow your website.


    If you choose one of our website maintenance plans, we'll make sure that your website is always backed up, is secure, loads quickly and that it's updated regularly.

    The benefits of using us

    Here's an overview of some of the many benefits you get by choosing us for your next website project:

    We use our surplus profits to help communities

    Next Level Web Design is a social enterprise which means that getting a website from us pays for helping people with mental health problems who slip into some form of addiction.

    Great customer care - your website is a collaborative venture

    We provide great customer care. Website development should always be a collaborative venture as nobody knows more about your business than you and your team.

    We like to build relationships with our customers that last

    We always get a 5-star rating from our customers. We’ll work with you on your project to make sure that you’re always making informed decisions.

    Making technical factors easily understood

    We believe in making the website development process as simple as possible and we’ll explain everything you need to know about your website.

    Responsive goal-driven web design

    We research your project, your business, goals, & market, and then we start building a plan for your site’s structure, content, and layout to specifically fulfil your business and website objectives.

    WordPress training provided & integrated

    We can provide you with training on how to use your site and how to update the content, with support, as and when you need to. This will help your site to appear higher in Google search results.

    Our website maintenance plans ensure that you never have to worry

    Choose one of our optional website maintenance plans and you don't just get hosting! We'll back your site up daily, install & manage advanced security features, update plugins and themes, and make sure that your site always loads quickly.

    Carbon footprint offsetting included in all website maintenance plans

    These days we know that our customers are increasingly concerned about the environment so we include carbon offsetting in all of our website maintenance plans so that your business is doing its bit for the environment.

    Fellow of the School of Social Entrepreneurs

    Some of our Testimonails

    Don't take our word for it, read what some of our previous customers have said about the services we offer!

    “Jon at Next Level Web Design is more than a very knowledgeable website developer, he is interested in the people he works with and the purpose behind the website. We are delighted with the site and thoroughly recommend this amazing service.”

    Janice Mason

    Owl XL CIC

    “Jon is extremely responsive and knows his stuff inside out. Through his expertise, our website not only looks better but is easier to navigate; has improved features; adheres to confidentiality [privacy] laws; and is seen by more people.”

    Daniel Ware

    Dual Diagnosis Anonymous (UK)

    “Jon has helped me gain a greater appreciation of what actions I need to take to improve and increase the reach of my online presence. This extends to beyond just the website itself, it’s where a website is ranked on search engines.”

    Ling Salter

    Compassionate Cuppa CIC

    “Jon provided me with everything I needed for my company’s online digital presence. From beginning to end, Next Level Web Design were patient, efficient, and provided a professional service at every step of the way in my website’s development.”

    Michael Silke

    MJS Engineering Architectural

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Common questions about our services answered for your convenience...

    That very much depends on the site features and functionality that you want.

    A simple site that only has a limited number of pages and that doesn't require your site to be optimised for search engines will cost anything from £500 and up.

    A more comprehensive service that includes local SEO will start at around £1000+ for a small website that needs SEO.

    We give a quote that's completely unique to your site needs & requirements, so get in touch to find out how much your project will cost!

    Well, when you're looking for a website designer or devekoper, you'll no doubt come across people and agencies that would happily charge less. The problem with this is that they aren't ever going to be able to put the time and effort into getting to know your business or organisation like we will.

    At Next Level Web Design CIC, we usually create a completely unique design that is tailored to suit your needs.

    In order to do this, we need to get to know your business and your target markets & audience. This is all time-consuming if it's done properly.

    However, we can build sites on a tight budget if you only need a simple website that provides basic information about your business.

    We should emphasise that although these packages are suitable for tradesmen, they probably aren't suitable for a business that needs to rank in search engines or that requires some sort of dynamic content.

    If your organisation needs advanced functionality such as a forum or you want to tell products & services online, then we recommend investing in your website.

    One of the core values at the heart of Next Level Web Design CIC is integrity.

    We won't recommend anything you don't need, and will always look into cheaper options if your budget is tight!

    We’ve also been asked that question too. We spend a lot of time researching and planning our client's websites if they've opted for a more advanced website development requirements, and this adds a lot of value, but typically cheaper than larger agencies because:

    1. A lot of our customers are small CICs, SMEs, or charities and so we try to keep our overheads down so that we can provide our services at affordable rates to suit small budgets
    2. We don't use an office for our work
    3. We do all of the customer care ourselves so we save on costs because of that

    Just remember that we charge on a case by case basis, and if you're a CIC or charity who works in menthal health, or addiction, then we'll also be providing a discount to help your project to succeed.

    A simple website development that only has 4 or 5 pages, doesn't need to be optimised for search engines and doesn't require any bespoke or complex functionality is seen by us as a small website.

    For tradesmen websites, we often provide the following pages and site functionality for £600:

    1. Home Page
    2. Services Page
    3.  &/or Products Page 
    4. Gallery/Portfolio
    5. Contact Us Page with Contact Form
    6. Help with GDPR compliance

    Any project that needs more advanced functionality and/or services included in the site's development such as dynamic content (other than a blog), forums, link building or SEO etc will undoubtedly cost more.

    For example, our SEO service on its own starts at £1000 as that rqeuires a lot of work and time for us to complete.

    Technically, we will need all of the text , any logos or images, videos or any content that you would like used on your new website.

    However, if you're going for one of our more advanced website packages, then this will require that we meet on multiple occassions to discuss your needs.

    At Next Level Web Design, we have a whole process that we use on the move complicated websites that we work on as it'll require a lot of research and planning for things like content and site structure.

    If you don't feel able to provide us with content, than we can point you in the right direction to find someone who you can pay to write your website's copy.

    Like the pricing question, it very much depends on the project we're working on.

    For small sites, working quickly but dilegently  is the aim of the game, as time is money  and usually small websites are linked to tight budgets.

    For an estimate, a tradesmen website design project would probably take a week, and a much larger website would start at weeks and possibly up to months if it's a really large project like the Dual Diagnosis Hub.

    Our SEO service starts at £1000 and includes high-quality content to be written to help you to rank higher in search engines.

    It also includes making sure that all of the on-page elements than Google likes to be used will all be optimised in an organic and natural way.

    There will also be an ongoing cost of around £300 per month to pay for us guest blogging and other inbound link building strategies and we recommend that you're thinking in terms of 9 to 12 months on going SEO.

    We include link building in our SEO packages, and this will enable you to be able to tell us what you need and then forget about it.

    We will send you regular emails showing you exactly what we've done with reports on how your search engine rankings are doing.

    Since Covid the workplace has changed forever. We no longer meet up with our clients as everything can be done using a combination of telephone, Zoom, email, & WhatsApp messages.

    We also don't have an official office, so there isn't anywhere for you to visit.

    However, if you would like to meet us in person initially, NLWD are more than happy to meet for a coffee (covid rules permitting).

    We don't usually set up our client's social media channels, as it's usually better that the client does that. Same goes for a Google My Business listing, which is why we set up the guide in our tutorials section, but at a push and for a fee, we can help you out with those tasks.

    No, is the simple answer.

    Next Level Web Design tend to only work with clients that are a good fit, that means that have the budget to pay for their project and that we 100% beleive that we can help.

    We usually get a 5-star rating because we only take on clients who are willing to do everything that we require in terms of providing content, and giving us the information we need to help your CIC or company to succeed.

    Generally speaking, we don't manage our client's social media channels, but we are willing to help you to create and develop content for them.

    Technically, we will need all of the text , any logos or images, videos or any content that you would like used on your new website.

    However, if you're going for one of our more advanced website packages, then this will require that we meet on multiple occassions to discuss your needs.

    At Next Level Web Design, we have a whole process that we use on the move complicated websites that we work on as it'll require a lot of research and planning for things like content and site structure.

    If you don't feel able to provide us with content, than we can point you in the right direction to find someone who you can pay to write your website's copy.

    Get in touch with us today!

    Let us take your organisation’s website to the next level…

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