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The Problems:

Self-maintained websites break down when businesses apply updates themselves, and they may not even know that there are new design issues &/or functionality malfunctions.

WordPress gets less and less secure the longer it is since the site’s WordPress core, theme and plugins have been updated.

WordPress is the most widely used website platform on the internet, and there are applications specifically designed to search for weak websites that have outdated plugins, WordPress versions or theme.

These applications are constantly looking for security vulnerabilities. Furthermore, they are automated, so they don’t even need people to scan your website for ways to get into your site.

Business or self-created sites often don’t have the proper security tools used such as firewall, 2FA, and a whole load of other common security tools.

Sometimes WordPress sites slow down with time due to server/web host issues, or perhaps a plugin that’s been updated has added a load of bloat to its code – a common problem that costs time & money due to lower conversion rates!

Sites also sometimes go down without even knowing i.e. they go offline due to a bug in an update or server/web host issues.

Sometimes businesses add new features and make changes and these changes break the site’s design or functionality in some way too.

We know that it’s taken clients a lot of time to find a company like ours for a new website developer and this can cause issues and lead to the site’s backend becoming messy or slow because of too many plugins or plugins that aren’t developed using the common WordPress coding standards.

Companies often lose money due to technical issues that affect sales, conversions, and leads – I’ve had clients that have had to have their whole website rebuilt prematurely due to sites becoming such a mess.

WordPress is only a website platform and isn’t the problem. The problem is that all websites have flaws and because WordPress is so popular, many more people & bots are trying to hack the low hanging fruit of sites that aren’t regularly updated!


Solution #01: We’ll make sure your website is always secure – monitored 24/7!

We’ll make sure that your site is secure! We’ll install all of the best security plugins and use the best WordPress security standards & best practices to ensure that your site is harder to hack.

Solutions #02: We’ll make sure that your site is always up to date

Next Level Web Design CIC will ensure that your website is always up to date with no bugs creeping in without us knowing about it.

Solution #03: We’ll make sure that your website is always fast & performing well

We’ll monitor your site’s speed to make sure that your site always loads quickly and displays correctly.

Solution #04: We’ll make sure that your site is always online & available to potential clients

With our WordPress maintenance plans, we get notified anytime a site goes down or offline. So if there’s a problem, we’ll know about it and actively solve the issue as soon as it happens.

Solution #05: We’ll make sure that your site is bug & error-free after updates

Breaks & bugs that crop up from plugin and theme updates, will always get fixed as soon as they crop up. In addition, our state of the art WordPress systems notifies us of any significant changes to the site’s design after a WordPress core, plugin or theme update. Thus, ensuring that your website always looks and functions as you need.

Solution #06: You’ll always have a website creator that you can trust and is always there for your organisation and to work on your digital presence

At Next Level Web Design CIC, we see website development & developing an online presence for a business as being a collaborative effort.

We place great emphasis on developing a relationship based on integrity with our client’s – it’s why all of our previous customers gave us a 5-star rating on Google My Business.

We believe in building relationships with your clients because a website creator that knows your business better can better help your business.

We hope that you’ll never need to hire a new WordPress website developer again – with all the stress that can come with it.

Solution #07: We’ll keep your website running quickly & smoothly = More sales, conversions, & leads – Less stress, time wasted, & financial losses

Having a site that loads quickly is good for a site’s rankings in search engines. It’s also great for the user experience (UX) of your site’s visitors.

We’ll run regular performance tests to make sure that your site doesn’t start to slow down after any plugin or theme updates.

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