WordPress Website Development Process

Website Development Process

The information-gathering stage is the first step after initial conversations about what your objectives are for your business and website.

We’ll gather more detailed information about your organisation’s purpose and objectives and then conduct thorough research on your target market(s), your target audience, and your competition online.

We’ll find out the keywords that your competitors currently rank on and which ones are and aren’t worth targeting.

We’ll conduct some keyword analysis, which looks at the search terms that get searched for and aren’t too difficult to rank highly on.

We will also analyse your competitor’s inbound link profile to see exactly the types of websites that are linking to them and get ideas for ways in which we can get some of the same kinds of sites to link to your site.

We’ll research possible PPC (Pay Per Click) to have some idea of which search terms are worth paying for advertising on and, if appropriate to your website, how much this would cost you using a combination of Google AdWords, LinkedIn and Facebook advertising.

From the keyword analysis and the PPC research, we’ll have some ideas about developing a content strategy. Still, we will also do some additional research on niche ‘long tail’ search terms that have the right balance between getting searched for enough and the difficulty of ranking on those terms.

These factors will be different for each keyword and market, so this is a crucial stage in your website’s development and critical to your success.


In this phase, we’ll start making plans of how to achieve your goals and objectives for your website and the kinds of content that we need to create.

We’ll plan the site’s page & post structure with a site map, we’ll research the best technologies and plugins to use on your website, and we’ll develop a content strategy.


The design phase is all about developing ideas around how you’d like your site to look and how to make your website’s user’s experience as intuitive and straightforward as possible.

SME’s and social enterprises often require a website with a clean design, but they also need to ensure that visitors can find the content they require quickly and easily.

We’ll create wireframe mockups and decide on the visual styles for the site’s elements with attention to making your site look and work to help drive leads and conversion to fulfil your organisation’s objectives.


We can start developing content using professional copywriters in this phase or you can write it yourself. Then we’ll produce the site’s other content, such as images/photos and video. These elements will then be optimised for search engines using the search terms we think we should target.

On-Page SEO is vital for your site. Each element need’s to be carefully optimised and placed in the best locations for search engines while also driving leads, purchases and conversions.


The development stage is when we build your new website, implementing the technologies and content strategies that we’ve analysed and planned for in the previous phases.

We’ll develop the site’s design & structure, install the plugins you need, and add the content we’ve created to your site.


At this point, once the site’s completed, we’ll start testing your website for errors, accessibility issues, and usability issues.
We’ll check that the on-page SEO is all added correctly and fix any issues that crop up.

We’ll add heat-mapping functionality to the site to help find any potential difficulties that visitors to your site might have when using it.
We’ll also test the site with A/B techniques so that each of the site’s elements is in the optimal place to be found quickly and used effectively.


We’re a Google-certified Google Analytics team that understand how to use analytics tools to track your website visitors and flag up any potential problems. For example, we’ll flag up any potential issues such as visitors’ dropping off’ at particular stages of the sales funnel or any problems with people adding your products to a cart only to leave it there and not purchase it.

We can see a range of demographics of visitors to your site, where they come from, how long they spend on your website, where most of your traffic is coming from, where your visitors find your site and where they leave it, and we can use that data to work out possible things we can do to improve it.

Next Level Web Design also aim to provide excellent aftercare so you can trust that a website built by us will be supported and updated after your site has launched.

We’ll make sure your site contains up-to-date content and that the on-page elements of your website are optimised.


By this stage, we’ll have done a lot of work, and will continue to grow your site and your audience to make sure that your site always has fresh and engaging content.

If you’ve chosen one of our website maintenance plans then we’ll continue to monitor your site’s vitals, back it up, update it, and make sure that your site is always online and secure.

We’ll also monitor your site’s performance in search engines, how much traffic your site is getting, and the conversion rates for your site’s content.

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