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About Our Website Design & Development Services

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About Our Social Enterprise Web Design Services

We provide advanced WordPress development services at heavily discounted rates to other social enterprises and charities.

We aim to provide the highest-quality website development & on-page SEO services at great value rates for Community Interest Companies & Charities

At Next Level Web Design, we completely love the business model for social enterprises. As a Community Interest Company ourselves, we offer a £200 discount to all social enterprises and charities as a starting point for our pricing, because we want to help as many small social entrepreneur startups as possible.

So, on our most basic web design package (£500 starting price), minus our £200 discount takes the cost of a 5-page website down to only £300.

Does your social enterprise help people with their mental health or addiction?

Then, if your goals are closely aligned with ours, there’s the possibility of an even bigger discount (depending on what you do and how closely it’s aligned with our goals & objectives).

All of our websites are built using WordPress, which has now been used to create 43% of all of the websites on the internet!

WordPress allows us to create most types of websites that a social enterprise could ever need, and it’s used widely across the internet because it’s a truly extensible content management system (CMS).

Through the use of themes & plugins, we can extend the features and functionality of your website to suit practically any requirement.

Please note: We aim to use as few plugins as we can as installing too many can slow a site down, but if you need a whole load of plugins, then you’re going to need a good web host. We can help you to find a suitable web host for your website.

Whatever you need your website to do, get in touch with us today and we can discuss your requirements to see how best we can help your social enterprise to develop an effective online presence.

We usually ask for a wish list of functionality that in an ideal world you’d like incorporated into your site and also a list of any websites that have either a design or feature that you’d like to emulate in some way. This just helps us to make sure that we’re on the same page as to what you’re looking for in terms of design or way of doing something.

Whether you’d like a simple brochure website or something more advanced such as e-commerce, an appointment booking system, or some sort of resources directory, we can help you to achieve your online goals!

Check out some of the bolt-on services that I offer here, read our case studies, or check out our portfolio.

Advanced WordPress Development Services

Our more advanced WordPress website development packages include all the tools you need for your business or organisation website to succeed.

Whether you want to use one of our bespoke WordPress web design packages or need some advanced WordPress development package, we can provide your company with the highest-quality website development.

From beefing up your website’s security to adding an automated backup and uptime monitoring, we’ll add the maintenance functions to ensure that your site never goes down. If it should, though, we’ll find out about it quickly, and you will always have a recent backup to restore your site quickly and without problems.

With the more advanced WordPress website development packages, we’ll install functionality that automatically optimises all images you upload to your site to improve the load-time and speed of your website.

We’ll add Schema.org Code Snippets to all of WordPress Web Development Packages.

We’ll add schema.org code snippets to tell search engines exactly what your website is about, and not every website developer will do this, but it is highly recommended.

We’ll also add WordPress security functionality to make sure that your small business site never gets hacked.

If you need a custom design, plugins and themes may not be enough, so theme development is another option.

We will also provide you with training videos that enable you to learn how to update your new site yourselves. We aim to ensure that your organisation is in the best position to succeed.

We will make sure that all of the different elements work correctly. The responsive techniques we use provide your organisation with a clean & functional design, whatever device your visitors are viewing it on.

We use a set website development process that we gradually work through to work out the best ways to help you achieve your business goals for your website.

Pay Per Click Advertising

If you want us to, we can research the best search terms to go for using PPC (Pay Per Click), and we can investigate the search terms that are reachable within your budget using advanced SEO.

We’ll analyse your needs and objectives and then use them to plan the content, features, and functionality you will need to develop and incorporate into your website.

Once we know what content & features you need, we’ll start designing mockups for your new website using Adobe XD before we get your approval on the layout.

Once we have your approval on the design & layout, we’ll move into the development stage and start building your website. This stage is an exciting time for most of our clients as this is where your website starts moving from theoretical to reality.

Well-structured WordPress web development projects:

We’ll build your site from the ground up to be well structured, incorporate all of the content you want us to add, and we’ll start developing & adding all of the functionality you need into your website.

We will help you provide your customers with all of the information they require quickly and easily with an excellent & intuitive user experience.

Advanced Website Functionality for Social Enterprises

Advanced Appointment Booking Systems

We can set up and integrate an advanced appointment booking system that allows you to add an unlimited number of services, service categories, and employees/service providers.

The appointments will be synced with the calendar system that you use automatically, so you’ll never have double bookings or miss an appoint as it will not only notify you of bookings and times, but also add all appointments to your company’s calendar as well as the employee/service provider’s calendar.

It can also automatically create Zoom & Google Meet meetings, and automatically send the generated video call link to your customers.

This ensures a smooth user experience for you and your customers. 

This feature will also allow you to accept payments through a variety of payment gateways including PayPal, Stripe, and Mollie payment gateways.

Advanced Website Directories

We can create advanced website directories which could be used to display resources like we do on some of our own websites.

These directories can collect and display any information that you choose and these directories can be filtered or sorted in a lot of different ways.

If you’d like registered users to be able to submit content and data to your site then we can create a bespoke frontend user interface that allows visitors to do this.



Our surplus profits help people with mental health problems

Next Level Web Design CIC use our surplus profits to develop and signpost the very best information, tools, support groups/networks, and resources available to those with co-occurring mental health & addiction issues, their carers, family members, & friends, and for the professionals who work with them.

Good customer care - we want to really get to know your business or organisation

In our experience, the better we understand your target audience and how your organisation functions, the more we can help you to develop an effective online presence. The better we know your organisation, the more we can help you. We do this by making sure that you are happy with our work at every step of the way. We set up a forum for each of our customers to make sure that you're able to get in touch with us round the clock.

We aim to provide you with all of the basic knowledge that you need

We aim to make sure that you have all of the background knowledge that you need to be able to make an informed decision about your website.

We like building lasting relationships with our customers

We regularly get 5-star reviews from our clients. This is because we believe in going above and beyond what we need to. We take as much time as is needed to learn about your business. We'll signpost information, tools, and training to help your organisation, we always do our utmost to make sure that your organisation as all of the knowledge & skills that it needs to maintain your site if that's what you want to do.

We use goal-driven WordPress website design techniques

We'll research all aspects of your project target market(s) and audience(s), so that we have a solid foundation to start building a plan for your site’s structure, copy, videos and layout that provide real-world solutions to fulfil your business and website objectives.

WordPress training will be integrated into your new website

If you've decided to update the content on your site yourself, then we'll integrate training into the WordPress Dashboard (its administration are) so that you can learn everything you need to know about the basics of WordPress.

We'll offset your website's carbon footprint if you choose one of our website maintenance plans

These days, often customers like companies that are helping to protect the environment and this enables you to be able to state on your website that your company offsets its carbon footprint.

Choose one of our website maintenance plans and get peace of mind

Our optional website maintenance plans provide a selection of useful services that help your site to remain secure, look good, load quickly, update site's functionality, and make sure that your site is as secure as it can be!

Custom Website Development Quote Request

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WordPress Website Development

Affordable website development for SMEs and CICs using WordPress or Wagtail.

Website Maintenance Services

Eco-friendly website maintenance services that keep your site secure & fast.

Local Search Engine Optimisation

Local search engine optimisation services to help your business to rank locally in search engines.

Website Design Process

An overview of the process we use to develop advanced websites for our clients.

Analysis/ Research

The first thing we do after your initial enquiry is to ask you to complete a questionnaire about your business which we will then use to research your target audience(s) & markets. We will meet on Zoom to discuss our findings with you



Using your business' requirements, goals, & budget as a starting point, we will then go on to plan everything that you need for your organisation's website including content and site structure.


After we know everything that you need in design and content, we will design your website using goal-driven responsive web design techniques to make sure that everything looks as you would like.


Once you're happy with the design of your new website, we'll start developing it and incorporate all of the content and functionality that you need.



Once your site has been built, we'll thoroughly test it to make sure that it works correctly and that there are no issues & bugs. We'll also optimise and tweak your site to load as fast as possible.


When you're completely happy with your new site, we'll deploy your website to its final location and make it live.


We'll monitor your site's progress in search engine rankings, tweak anything that we notice needs to be changed or UX that isn't working and gradually grow your website.


If you choose one of our website maintenance plans, we'll make sure that your website is always backed up, is secure, loads quickly and that it's updated regularly.

Main Website Features

Website Functionality

  • Website Layouts

    We can create as many website layouts as you need for your website to make sure that all of your site has a consistent design and user experience.

  • Services Pages

    Every website needs pages that give an overview of exactly what your organisation or business does. We'll create engaging designs for your site.

  • Contact Forms

    We can create advanced forms that allow visitors to your site to get in touch, or we can develop forms that allow visitors to your site to submit content.

  • Advanced Security

    We can create add advanced security plugins so that your website is as secure as possible. Automated malware scans, firewall and Two-Factor Authentication can all be added to your website.

  • Learning Management Platform Setup and Configuration

    If your CIC or Charity wants to have a Learning Management System integrated into your site so that you can provide online training, then we can help with that.

  • Product Pages

    You need to show off your products in an attractive and interesting way that's suitable for your target audience(s). We'll create them for you.

  • Help with GDPR

    GDPR compliance is important and we'll help set you up with the right plugins and site text that you need such as cookie & priivacy policies and terms & conditions.

  • Quote Generators

    If you're a business that has a pricing structure that depends on quanitities of any sort and would like visitors to your site to be able to generate a rough price for their project, then a quote generator may well be a usefull addition to your site.

  • Dynamic Websites

    Need your website to be able to display content on the fly rather than building each and every page? We can help you with this.

  • Appointment Booking Systems

    Need your visitors to be able to book an appointment with you or one of your team members? We can integrate that into your new website.

  • Forums

    Forums are a great way of developing a community that are able to share and discuss topics that are important to them.

  • Social Media Content

    Constaantly creating content for your social media channels can take a lot of time. Social media can be a really useful means of generating leads & traffic to your website. We can do this for you!

  • Business Directories

    If needed, we can add a directory to your site, so that you can display any type of of of location or business directory on your site. You can even charge for appearing in it.

  • Accept Donations

    If you're running some sort of non-profit, CIC, or charity and need to be able to accept donations through your website, then we can add that functionality to your site.

Fellow of the School of Social Entrepreneurs

Frequently Asked Questions

Common questions about our services answered for your convenience...

That very much depends on the site features and functionality that you want.

A simple site that only has a limited number of pages and that doesn't require your site to be optimised for search engines will cost anything from £500 and up.

A more comprehensive service that includes local SEO will start at around £1000+ for a small website that needs SEO.

We give a quote that's completely unique to your site needs & requirements, so get in touch to find out how much your project will cost!

Well, when you're looking for a website designer or devekoper, you'll no doubt come across people and agencies that would happily charge less. The problem with this is that they aren't ever going to be able to put the time and effort into getting to know your business or organisation like we will.

At Next Level Web Design CIC, we usually create a completely unique design that is tailored to suit your needs.

In order to do this, we need to get to know your business and your target markets & audience. This is all time-consuming if it's done properly.

However, we can build sites on a tight budget if you only need a simple website that provides basic information about your business.

We should emphasise that although these packages are suitable for tradesmen, they probably aren't suitable for a business that needs to rank in search engines or that requires some sort of dynamic content.

If your organisation needs advanced functionality such as a forum or you want to tell products & services online, then we recommend investing in your website.

One of the core values at the heart of Next Level Web Design CIC is integrity.

We won't recommend anything you don't need, and will always look into cheaper options if your budget is tight!

We’ve also been asked that question too. We spend a lot of time researching and planning our client's websites if they've opted for a more advanced website development requirements, and this adds a lot of value, but typically cheaper than larger agencies because:

  1. A lot of our customers are small CICs, SMEs, or charities and so we try to keep our overheads down so that we can provide our services at affordable rates to suit small budgets
  2. We don't use an office for our work
  3. We do all of the customer care ourselves so we save on costs because of that

Just remember that we charge on a case by case basis, and if you're a CIC or charity who works in menthal health, or addiction, then we'll also be providing a discount to help your project to succeed.

A simple website development that only has 4 or 5 pages, doesn't need to be optimised for search engines and doesn't require any bespoke or complex functionality is seen by us as a small website.

For tradesmen websites, we often provide the following pages and site functionality for £600:

  1. Home Page
  2. Services Page
  3.  &/or Products Page 
  4. Gallery/Portfolio
  5. Contact Us Page with Contact Form
  6. Help with GDPR compliance

Any project that needs more advanced functionality and/or services included in the site's development such as dynamic content (other than a blog), forums, link building or SEO etc will undoubtedly cost more.

For example, our SEO service on its own starts at £1000 as that rqeuires a lot of work and time for us to complete.

Technically, we will need all of the text , any logos or images, videos or any content that you would like used on your new website.

However, if you're going for one of our more advanced website packages, then this will require that we meet on multiple occassions to discuss your needs.

At Next Level Web Design, we have a whole process that we use on the move complicated websites that we work on as it'll require a lot of research and planning for things like content and site structure.

If you don't feel able to provide us with content, than we can point you in the right direction to find someone who you can pay to write your website's copy.

Like the pricing question, it very much depends on the project we're working on.

For small sites, working quickly but dilegently  is the aim of the game, as time is money  and usually small websites are linked to tight budgets.

For an estimate, a tradesmen website design project would probably take a week, and a much larger website would start at weeks and possibly up to months if it's a really large project like the Dual Diagnosis Hub.

Our SEO service starts at £1000 and includes high-quality content to be written to help you to rank higher in search engines.

It also includes making sure that all of the on-page elements than Google likes to be used will all be optimised in an organic and natural way.

There will also be an ongoing cost of around £300 per month to pay for us guest blogging and other inbound link building strategies and we recommend that you're thinking in terms of 9 to 12 months on going SEO.

We include link building in our SEO packages, and this will enable you to be able to tell us what you need and then forget about it.

We will send you regular emails showing you exactly what we've done with reports on how your search engine rankings are doing.

Since Covid the workplace has changed forever. We no longer meet up with our clients as everything can be done using a combination of telephone, Zoom, email, & WhatsApp messages.

We also don't have an official office, so there isn't anywhere for you to visit.

However, if you would like to meet us in person initially, NLWD are more than happy to meet for a coffee (covid rules permitting).

We don't usually set up our client's social media channels, as it's usually better that the client does that. Same goes for a Google My Business listing, which is why we set up the guide in our tutorials section, but at a push and for a fee, we can help you out with those tasks.

No, is the simple answer.

Next Level Web Design tend to only work with clients that are a good fit, that means that have the budget to pay for their project and that we 100% beleive that we can help.

We usually get a 5-star rating because we only take on clients who are willing to do everything that we require in terms of providing content, and giving us the information we need to help your CIC or company to succeed.

Generally speaking, we don't manage our client's social media channels, but we are willing to help you to create and develop content for them.

Technically, we will need all of the text , any logos or images, videos or any content that you would like used on your new website.

However, if you're going for one of our more advanced website packages, then this will require that we meet on multiple occassions to discuss your needs.

At Next Level Web Design, we have a whole process that we use on the move complicated websites that we work on as it'll require a lot of research and planning for things like content and site structure.

If you don't feel able to provide us with content, than we can point you in the right direction to find someone who you can pay to write your website's copy.

Some of our Testimonails

Don't take our word for it, read what some of our previous customers have said about the services we offer!

“Jon at Next Level Web Design is more than a very knowledgeable website developer, he is interested in the people he works with and the purpose behind the website. We are delighted with the site and thoroughly recommend this amazing service.”

Janice Mason


“Jon is extremely responsive and knows his stuff inside out. Through his expertise, our website not only looks better but is easier to navigate; has improved features; adheres to confidentiality [privacy] laws; and is seen by more people.”

Daniel Ware

Dual Diagnosis Anonymous (UK)

“Jon has helped me gain a greater appreciation of what actions I need to take to improve and increase the reach of my online presence. This extends to beyond just the website itself, it’s where a website is ranked on search engines.”

Ling Salter

Compassionate Cuppa CIC

“Jon provided me with everything I needed for my company’s online digital presence. From beginning to end, Next Level Web Design were patient, efficient, and provided a professional service at every step of the way in my website’s development.”

Michael Silke

MJS Engineering Architectural

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